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player can use guns. There are 5 different guns used in this game that a player is able to use. Player can only use guns to destroy or kill the enemy ai entities. Enemy ai entities have the full power to do what they are coded for. Enemy ai entities can attack player at any time in the game. they can also petrol all over the game map. The player has to find all the enemy ai entities and destroy or kill them with given guns in order to complete the game. 1971 is assigned 9 different game maps with 9 different missions. Each game maps or mission carries a story that happened in liberation war in 1971. Each mission has its own road map to follow. There are other maps or instructions to follow in the game. A player cannot pass a mission without completing his goals. Player cannot jump to another mission without completing the present mission map.. Call us today at + 880 16 11355765 and speak to one of our professional web designer.